Meet Aimee - Buffalo Holistic Center's Skin Specialist

After working in the dental field for over 18 yrs., Aimee decided to pursue a second career a few years ago as an Esthetician. She graduated from The Salon Professional Academy and she is also a certified Reiki practitioner.

Having suffered with skin issues herself over the years, she has a lot of compassion and

empathy for her clients. She feels honored and privileged to nurture and educate them to help achieve their skin care goals, boost self esteem and enhance their own natural beauty.

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and Aimee loves learning about the latest and greatest ingredients and technologies to help make her clients experience with her even better. She is excited to connect, build trust and give personal attention to her new clients here at The Buffalo Holistic Center.

Aimee's hope is that her clients not only leave with healthier vibrant glowing skin but feel rejuvenated on the inside too!

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