Meet Jesus, One of Buffalo Holistic Center's Licensed Massage Therapists!

Meet Jesus!

My experience includes over 1500 hours of education in massage therapy, of which approximately 400 occurred in massage schools in Thailand. I have been treating clients and patients since 2005 and have worked with a diverse clientele ranging from athletes and models in spas to patients with severe injuries in nursing homes and physical therapy settings.

I enjoy very much what I do and I like seeing results that help people feel better. I have worked on a variety of people with such physical conditions such as: headaches, TMJ, thoracic outlet syndrome, contractures, disc compressions, Bell's Palsy, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, arthritis, lumbar pain, hemiplegia, piriformis syndrome, sciatica, shin splints, fibromyalgia, among others and gotten positive results after treatment. Currently I am working on techniques that help restructure the body for optimal joint mobilization and taking courses on visceral manipulation, craneosacral therapy and orthopedic manual therapy.

My goal is to be part of a caring team of Therapists from whom I can learn and share knowledge with, to provide optimal quality of work for those who need it. Massage is what I do best and what I am looking to master every day through education and practice.

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