Meet Priyanka -- Buffalo Holistic Center's Skin Therapist

To all the beautiful people I've yet to meet, I am happy to introduce myself as BHC's new skin therapist. My name is Priyanka and I am a licensed esthetician, graduated from The Salon Professional Academy. I went into the esthetics program, dreaming to excel in makeup like the beauty gurus on YouTube. However, facials are what I ended up falling in love with. I love the opportunity I get as an esthetician to meet new people, learn new things and educate them on their own skin. I feel absolutely honored when a person openly talks to me about their skin concerns that some may be insecure about. As a human with skin, I have dealt with my fair share of skin issues and still am. I see this as a big benefit as it aids me in t

he ability of relating to my clients and understanding them physically and emotionally. Let me be part of your journey to a healthy lifestyle and I can make one thing clear, your skin.

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